Predictive Crime

Support in the assessment of risk of stores as well as in the protection of goods by means of query workflows and intelligent assistance systems for initiating preventive measures and human [...]

Predictive Commerce

Optimal order quantities in your branches and automated processes for storage with links to existing logistics chains, suppliers and IT systems as well as recall and control processes.

Predictive Pricing

Enhance existing e-commerce solutions, PIM systems or your merchandise management system using high-performance data analyses and processes. We enable predictive price adjustments with workflows [...]

Predictive Logistics

Support your just-in-time supply chains using predictive transport and staff planning as well as order quantity optimization and integration of your logistics partners and IT.

Predictive Ranking

Ensure the quality of your suppliers and use predictive analyses to avoid risks. Involve your partners and inform them about the necessary measures and checks.

Predictive Risk

Prevent risks including fraud prevention and detection before they arise and use data for your planning, automated control mechanisms and monitoring of existing IT systems.

Predictive Tourism

Automated processes to handle crisis situations in tourism as well as the use of data recovery for quota utilization, fuel optimization, invoices, sales measures as well as for linking ticket [...]

Predictive Visitor

Analysis of customer flows and visitors with processes for staff planning, capacity control, bonus programs, surveys, invoices and supply management.

Predictive Sales

Use your customer data as well as social media platforms to know the wishes of your customers in a timely manner, troubleshoot problems, optimize your product range, process complaints, create [...]

Predictive Customer

Prevent cancellation notices from your customers, achieve higher customer loyalty, avoid risks, improve your products, develop new service models, support your marketing, and control related campaigns.