1. Copyright Information
All the information on this website is provided “as is”, without any claim to its accuracy, completeness or topicality. Unless specifically stated elsewhere in this publication, and relating to a particular extract, file, or document, anyone is entitled to view this document and to copy, print, and distribute it under the following conditions:
The document may only be used as information, and for non-commercial purposes. Every copy, or part of, this document must include this copyright declaration and the proprietary trademark of the operator. This document, every copy of it, and any part of it, must not be changed without the explicit written agreement of the operator. The operator reserves the right to withdraw this approval at any time, and every use must be terminated immediately as soon as the operator publishes their withdrawal of approval in writing.

2. Contractual Assurances and Waivers
Unless otherwise agreed, the predictive-bpm.com website will be made available to you free of charge. The operators accept no responsibility for ensuring that the information it contains is correct, that services are available, that the data stored at predictive-bpm.com is stored securely, or that it is usable for any particular purpose. The operator also accepts no responsibility for consequential damage resulting from the use of the offering. Unless a disclaimer is specifically involved, the operator is merely liable for gross negligence and malice. The product and company names are brand names of each particular owner and are merely used for information purposes on these pages. This publication may include technical or other inaccuracies, or typographical errors. This information will be modified from time to time. These changes will be added to new editions of this publication. The operator can make improvements or changes to the offerings described in this publication at any time.

3. Expressions of Opinion in Comments and the Forum
Due to the constantly changing contents of comments and opinions in the forum, the operator is unable to view all contributions, check their contents, and actively check them immediately. For this reason, the operator accepts no responsibility for the content, correctness and form of any contributions.

3a. Special Provisions for Registered Users
When a user logs onto predictive-bpm.com, they give their assent to becoming viewed as a “member” by the operator and agree to the following conditions of use: Members who participate in discussion forums and comments agree to:

  1. refrain from using insults and coarse language in, or adding criminal content or pornography to, their contributions,
  2. take sole responsibility for the content they contribute, not infringe the rights of third parties (especially brand name, copyright and privacy rights), and free the operator of »predictive-bpm.com« from any claims from third parties arising from the members’ contributions.
  3. not use any form of advertising in their comments or use the forums and comments for any kind of commercial activity.

This especially applies to the publication of “0900” telephone numbers for any reason. There is no right to request the publication of comments or contributions made to the forums. The operators of »predictive-bpm.com« reserve the right to edit or delete comments and forum contributions as they see fit. If a member fails to meet the obligations detailed in points 1., 2. and 3., the operators are entitled to suspend that member’s membership either for a specified period of time, or permanently.

4. Sending in Contributions and Articles
The following rules apply if a member makes use of the option to send in their own contributions to the editorial part of »predictive-bpm.com«:
Before a member can post their own contributions, they must first enter their complete and correct first name and family name in their »predictive-bpm.com« user profile. Alternatively, they can enter this data after they have sent in the article. The name entered in the user profile will be used to identify the contribution when it is published (made available for public viewing). The member must agree to the following declarations for all contributions they will send into »predictive-bpm.com« in future:

  1. The member will ensure that the contributions they send in do not infringe the rights of third parties, in particular copyright, brand name or privacy rights. This applies to every contribution and image they send in.
  2. The member gives the operators of »predictive-bpm.com« unrestricted rights to use the contributions they send in. This includes publication on the Internet, on the »predictive-bpm.com« website, and on other Internet servers, and in newsletters, print media and other different publications.
  3. If requested, the contributions a member sends in by e-mail to the web master’s address will be deleted again or made anonymous. The contributions will be deleted or made anonymous within 7 days of the message being received. The operator will only take responsibility for consequential damages to the member arising from the delayed deletion of their contribution if these consequential damages have not been caused by a dereliction of duties by the member (see points 1., 2. and 3. above) and the consequential damages also involve gross fault or gross negligence on the part of the operator of »predictive-bpm.com«. In this context, we would specifically like to point out that »predictive-bpm.com« is regularly indexed by search engines and that we therefore have no influence on where, and how long, any contributions published by us might be stored (and be called from) search engine and web catalog databases, even after they have been deleted from »predictive-bpm.com«.
  4. Members have no right to request that the contributions they send in be saved, published or archived. The operators reserve the right not to publish a contribution without giving a reason for doing so. They also reserve the right to edit the contribution or delete it again after publication as they see fit.
  5. The member is not entitled to make any claim for payment (royalties, license fees, remuneration for time and effort, or similar) to »predictive-bpm.com« when a contribution is published. Sending in a contribution is voluntary (and no payment is due).

5. Data Protection Declaration (Privacy Policy)
Any personal or business details collected on this Internet site are provided by the user on a purely voluntary basis. Where technically possible, and reasonable, all services offered on this site can be used without providing such information, or by entering anonymized data, or using a pseudonym. You will find more important information on the topic of data protection in our Data Protection Declaration (Privacy Policy).

6. Registration and Password
The user is required to treat the user name/password combination in strictest confidence and not to make it accessible to third parties. The operator must be informed immediately if there is any suspicion that access data is being misused.

7. Note according to the German Teleservices Act
Each third-party provider of Internet pages is responsible for the links to those pages that appear in this offer. The operator is not responsible for the content on these third-party pages. Furthermore, the website can be linked to other from pages without our knowledge. The operator accepts no responsibility for images, content or any such link to this website in third-party websites. The operator is only responsible for third-party content (including illegal or criminal content) if they are positively aware of it, and it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent its use. However, as specified in the German Teleservices Act, the operator is not obliged to constantly check content that is provided by third parties.

Please send questions about predictive-bpm.com to the web master.

Legal validity
These General Conditions of Use refer to predictive-bpm.com. Should individual parts or wordings in this text be or become legally invalid, this shall not affect the content or validity of the rest of the text.

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