INSPIRE combines data with processes

With BPM inspire, flexible and powerful integration of big data and Business Process Management (BPM) is realized.

The BPM product area Inspire Technologies provides flexible and high-performance integration with BPM inspire of big data and business process management (BPM). Integration is achieved with a completely new approach and enables processes to access data completely at any time. If the BI/big data system signals that something is out of control, the coupled processes must be adapted to the new situation in the fastest possible way. This requires that the engine maintains the received data like a “cloud” and then provides them flexibly for process-specific use. In addition, process modification is required in on-going operations to prevent having initiated processes run futilely or create inconsistencies that cannot be resolved. BPM inspire provides users with the possibility of controlling processes without having to model all exceptions in advance. As a result, critical characteristics can be reacted to spontaneously. Only this interaction between data use and flexible process adjustments makes it possible to achieve continuous process improvements from the data obtained. In this way, process management can directly consider necessary data from company planning. Intelligent interplay between BI and BPM in a company is capable of setting processes in motion independently, and can consequently react automatically to a material constraint, integrate intelligent merchandise management, automate control mechanisms in risk management, coordinate smooth project planning, and control capacity and workloads. Thanks to the direct connection of the BPM system, the data warehouse of the company becomes an automated switching center that can react immediately to pre-defined scenarios.

“BI & big data have raised the link of relevant data to a first stage for better planning. By combining big data with process management, we make the data warehouse in companies even more usable,” Andreas Mucke emphasized, Head of Business Development at Inspire Technologies. “Data that are normally available only for reports and dashboards can be coupled directly with business processes with this system. As a result, we create dynamics and flexibility that create new opportunities for companies in managing their business processes.” With BPM inspire, a complete BPM Suite is available, which has been on the market since 1996 and is in use in numerous renowned companies.

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